When Maryland parents divorce, the court often devises orders that provide explicit instructions for parenting plans. Every family situation is different; therefore, individual plans can be customized to meet the needs of those involved. When a child custody problem arises, the court is the final voice of authority.

In some situations, however, such as a particular incident a woman in another state is currently facing, problems develop that reach far beyond where a child will spend a birthday or the next holiday. In fact, this woman’s case has become an international issue because her son’s father, who lives in Malta, has refused to return the child to the United States. An existing court order required the mother to allow overseas visits to occur between her son and his dad.

She never dreamed the man would try to keep the child permanently; yet, that’s exactly what has happened. A Maltese court has apparently ruled that the man can keep his son because his mother was home-schooling him in the United States. The foreign court claims this automatically means the child is not receiving an appropriate amount of socialization in his life.

The mother says she plans to fight for her son to be returned to the United States. A parental network advocate said this type of child custody problem occurs quite often, with more than 1,000 children being unlawfully removed from this country every year. An experienced Maryland attorney could certainly be a great asset to any parent facing similar custody problems in this state.

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