Families throughout Maryland and the nation often view January as a month of new beginnings. Along with other New Year resolutions, many determine to eat healthier, exercise more or pursue a personal dream, such as launching a new business. Chances are, new parenting plans will be added to the mix for some, including those that involve divorce and child-rearing issues.

In legal circles, the first month of a new year is colloquially referred to as “divorce month” because the amount of divorce papers served increases exponentially at this time. Whether January is the optimum time to end a marriage is up for debate, however. In fact, some say if a couple considering divorce has children, they may want to ride out a month or two in a new year in case they ultimately decide against it.

Opinions greatly vary whether children fare best if parents whose relationship has grown contentious go their separate ways or stay committed to a lifelong union. Children’s chances of suffering depression, doing poorly in school and becoming involved in other negative situations reportedly multiply when parents break up. In certain circumstances (such as an abusive relationship) the end of a marriage may come as a relief to children who may have been exposed to some very unhealthy situations.

Regardless whether divorce occurs in January or is put on the back burner for another time, parenting plans are a priority for those who have one or more children. Disagreements regarding this aspect of divorce are not always easy to resolve, especially if there has been a communication breakdown between spouses. A Maryland family law attorney often acts as an advocate to help negotiate such matters to obtain a fair and agreeable outcome in court.

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