Couples in Maryland who divorce often face challenges when developing future parenting plans. Many relationships are fragile when there have been emotional rifts or communication breakdowns between former spouses. Some, however, say it is definitely possible to maintain an amicable relationship with a former spouse and actually forge a strong and peaceful alliance where child custody and related matters are concerned.

Readers may be surprised to learn what most worries some parents after divorce. For instance, one woman said she was absolutely terrified about what her former husband would be feeding her children on days they spent with him. She said it took much time to learn to relinquish control over every tiny aspect of their lives and trust that their father had their best interests at heart.

Other matters often addressed between former spouses who want to maintain healthy relationships include respecting boundaries, agreeing on what information to provide to the children, and resisting temptations to become adversarial. As far as boundaries are concerned, it helps to clearly define what is acceptable regarding impromptu visits or other intrusions upon one or the other parent’s time with children. Also, it is not always necessary to tell kids everything that transpires between adults; some things may be better left unsaid.

Any parent in Maryland facing child custody problems, or other unresolved issues, may seek assistance from an experienced family law attorney for guidance. Studies show most children do best when they are able to spend ample amounts of time with both parents after divorce. As an advocate, a family lawyer can help create a plan that best suits immediate and long-term family goals.

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