In times like this, where we hear more about trouble and tragedy, it is good to hear about acts of kindness. These stories are encouraging reminders that people are genuinely good natured. In the middle of a divorce (and sometimes after a divorce) couples bickering over debts, property and children may forget about this basic notion.

Because of this, it is helpful for divorcing parties to engage in random acts of kindness towards their ex-spouse.

While this may be easier said than done, consider these examples provided through a article. In one instance, an ex-husband brought a bottle of champagne to his ex-wife to congratulate her on the purchase of her new home. In another occurrence, an ex-husband took his ex-wife and her new husband to the airport for their honeymoon. Another example saw an ex-wife bring back a husband’s wedding ring, even though she could have sold it for cash.

Indeed, acts of kindness between ex-spouses can be rare, but they don’t have to be. After all, it is true that time heals emotional wounds. While exes don’t have to be (and are not expected to be) BFFs, it is possible to have a relationship where civility wins the day.

This is especially important when there are children involved. It is important for them to see how people can move on from conflict. Who better for them to follow than their own parents. So the next time you feel like getting even with an ex who has wronged you (and you will may feel this way when it happens) consider the effect it may have on the kids.