Anytime a marriage is dissolved, the lives of both parties involved are altered somewhat. Even under the best of circumstances, either party can have a difficult transition. While most people stereotypically assume a divorce may be harder on any woman involved, there is a belief that divorce can impact the man much more than previously thought. Any Maryland couples in the midst of divorce may be surprised to learn the affects divorce may have on the man involved.

Men show the effects of stress differently than women, stereotypically speaking. One divorced man recounts the toll his divorce took on his blood pressure. Even though this particular man was skilled at meditation techniques, he contends even the practice of meditation failed to help him with his blood pressure problems.

Another note-worthy way in which divorce has impacted males that some may not think about is the effects a divorce has on their sense of being a provider for their families. Losing the ideal of being the main provider for a family they live with can be challenging for some. Keeping a connection with the kids involved is advised as the best way to overcome these feelings.

While it is impossible to generalize how every man or woman may or may not feel during a divorce, having some insight to the plight of the other side may be beneficial for some Maryland couples facing divorce. The effects on health and family structure can be very real. The more prepared or open one party is with their individual struggles, the more successful either party may be when they move forward.

Source: Huffington Post, 3 Reasons Divorce Is Harder On Men Than Women, Tiffany McHugh, Nov. 3, 2013