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We help families prepare for and through crises.  With our estate planning services, we focus on getting you and your family through life’s unexpected twists and turns.  And when those unexpected twists and turns arise, we are here to help you navigate the legal process in what may be the most challenging time you’ve experienced.

Our attorneys at Oliver Leffler Law draw on their years of experience and knowledge to create comprehensive estate plans that are specifically tailored to your needs.   If you worked with our team in the past to create an estate plan or have an estate plan that was created years ago, our attorneys are available to conduct estate planning reviews.

When tragedy hits, we are here for you.  Whether you’re serving as a Personal Representative or you are a beneficiary of an estate, we will advocate for your interests throughout the administration of your loved one’s estate.  If you are a Personal Representative, our attorney will assist you with the probate process to ensure you are complying with the duties of that role.

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