Parents who legally separate or divorce must make important decisions related to child custody agreements and visitation rights. In cases where one parent has a history of substance abuse problems, this history may be a factor in child custody disputes. The wife of country singer Trace Adkins recently filed for divorce from her husband of more than 16 years and is seeking primary custody of the couple’s children.

Early on in the couple’s marriage, Adkins struggled with alcohol addiction, but was able to get and remain sober for 12 years. According to media sources, this past January, Adkins checked into a rehabilitation facility after he allegedly was involved in a fight on a cruise ship. Adkins was reported to be under the influence of alcohol when the fight occurred.

The couple has three minor-aged daughters who are ages 16, 12 and nine. In the divorce petition Adkins’ wife, Rhonda, is seeking to retain physical primary custody of the girls. She is also requesting both child support and spousal support from Adkins.

While Adkins was reported to have recently successfully completed an alcohol rehab program, his recent relapse and the alleged fight that preceded his decision to seek professional help, will likely be taken into consideration when determining child custody matters. Other factors that will likely also be taken into account by a family law judge include Adkins’ career and the responsibilities and travel obligations that come with it.

The problems and issues that lead rich and famous couples to divorce are often shared by many Maryland couples. In cases where a husband or wife files for divorce due to a spouse’s problems with drugs or alcohol, these factors should be discussed with a divorce attorney and taken into consideration when deciding child custody matters.

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