Divorce does not discriminate by age and can occur for reasons as individual as the individuals involved. Recently, a legendary music couple, The Captain and Tennille, announced plans to divorce. That announcement may have surprised many Maryland residents partly because of how long the union did last.

The Captain and Tennille, also known as Cathryn Antoinette Tennille and Daryl Dragon, announced the split after 38 years of marriage. They cited the marriage being “irretrievably broken” as the reason for the split. The two married in 1975, during the same time period they won a Grammy award for their hit song “Love Will Keep Us Together.”

The pair never had any children together and both are now in their 70s. They have asked for community property to be split equitably. Neither one of them is currently seeking spousal support. Tennille has been actively working the last few years but has publicly stated online that her soon-to-be ex-husband has a neurological condition that makes it hard for him to go out in public.

A couple at this stage of life may have many reasons for splitting as they enter their golden years and possibly grow apart. Now that couples are living longer, there is a slight rise in the number of people who seek divorce after or near retirement age. After decades together, as experienced by The Captain and Tennille, there may be a great number of marital assets to consider for division. Anyone in Maryland who is seeking divorce, after decades of sharing a home, may benefit from understanding the laws about property division and knowing exactly what has been amassed during the course of the marriage.

Source: News-Sentinel.com, The Captain and Tennille headed for divorce, Felicia Fonseca, Jan. 24, 2014