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I have nothing but good things to say about Lauren’s legal services. I have used her services twice in the past year. Once for a child custody case and another for estate planning.
Lauren, in combination with Meg Oliver (another excellent attorney), was able to navigate my challenging child custody case with ease. She was able to remind me threw my frustration with the process to relax and understand that my ex’s bad behavior would work in my favor if we went to trial. After months of games from my ex-wife, Lauren was able to put enough pressure on my ex to settle in terms that were less than favorable for her.
Lauren’s knowledge of the legal system proved invaluable in my case. She successfully countered my ex at every step. I always felt as though Lauren truly cared about me and my daughter. I was never pressured to accept a settlement that I could not live with long term.
Custody cases are stressful for everyone involved. I would not hesitate to hire Lauren again. To those reading this, I profoundly suggest you take her legal advice to heart and recognize what is most valuable during these times — doing what is best for your children, which may not be what is most desirable for you.
– Corey, a Child Custody and Estate Planning client

I hired Lauren to help me with a guardianship case. There are not enough good things I can possibly say about my experience with her. She gave immediate attention to all the items needed in the case and returned emails and phone calls quickly. She seemed to always be one step ahead of the case. Her and her staff made this an easier than I anticipated experience. Not only is she knowledgeable and professional but she really cares about you and the parties involved. I can never thank her enough and highly recommend her and her firm.

– Rhonda, a Guardianship client

Incredibly thankful to Lauren Leffler and Oliver Leffler Law for helping us get our wills created and drawing up a plan to be sure our children/family are taken care of in the event of the worst. Working with Lauren was extremely easy! She was incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, easy to contact, and so patient with us, the latter of which was a huge plus since we knew nothing about what needed to be done or how. I cannot thank her enough for taking such great care of us! Would recommend 1000x over!

– Becca, an Estate Planning client

Dear Meg, I wanted to allow Shantel to tell you her appreciation of your services before I gave mine. A day after the hearing, I thought about when we met. We really didn’t know how or when this case would all end but we had a strong confidence in you. I thought about what you said about taking things a bit at a time starting with the nose until we got what we wanted. I have to say Meg, you were incredible. WE thank you so much for all that you’ve done. You took our case believing in us and you made our story be told, by knowing our case through and through and it showed. You help bring us Justice. And no matter how complicated things were or how big of a challenge that was made, you made it all possible. Because of you, we now come home to a very happy 15 year old. When Shantel and I realized that it was over, we were very elated and yet we realized we would miss your pleasantries very much. You had a way of making us feel at ease through the toughest times we had in this struggle. You continued to give us sound legal advice, you kept things honest, and worked diligently to get it resolved. It’s because of you we can continue moving forward as a family, and our child can continue to have a bright future without any limitations. I will never forget and you will always be in our prayers, our thoughts, and most definitely in our hearts for all of the kind things you have done in making us joyously happy.
Again Meg Thank you

-Sylvia Jones

Thank you, Lauren for thorough, easy-to-understand explanations. You made a potentially difficult process painless.

– Jason and Renee, Estate Planning clients

I would highly recommend Meg Oliver. When I first consulted with her, she helped me calmly make decisions. She was always helpful and accessible. I could always count on her for advice whether through email or in person. She helped make a very difficult time “manageable” and referred to the people I needed to get through my separation and impending divorce. She was always calm, fair and thorough. She was just what I needed.

-Divorce Client

Ms Oliver helped me through a very difficult time in my life as my divorce moved forward. She was always available to me via email, returned calls promptly, and kept me well informed of all issues. When I needed extra copies of paperwork, she provided these with promptness. She felt like a friend, not just an attorney.

-Darlene, a Divorce client

I found Meg to be a very fair and impartial mediator and credit her with helping resolve a painful custody issue. At a time when emotions were running high and logic seemed to be scarce, Meg navigated us through a process with professionalism, wisdom and compassion. Without her help, it is likely that we would have needed to go to court putting even more pressure on my children in an already difficult emotional time. Thank you Meg.

-Michael W, a Mediation client

Meg represented me in my divorce. I can honestly say that Meg got me through this extremely difficult and emotional process. She took the burden off of my shoulders. She was proactive and a true advocate for me. I never had to wait or call for a response or an update. She was diligent and persistent and I felt she always had my best interests in mind. I found that it is extremely important to have a good relationship with your attorney. If you don’t have that or feel comfortable with your attorney, please call Meg. Not only is she a great attorney, but more importantly a wonderful person.

-Terry, a Divorce client

I highly recommend Meg to anyone who is looking for a sensible and fair separation/divorce, especially if there are children involved. Meg was at the center of my (very difficult) divorce and was the voice of reason in it all. While the other parties involved seemed to be more interested in the litigation aspect of the case, Meg stayed focused on the personal side of it all. She worked very hard to try to make the process as painless and fair as possible, and above else, to ensure the well-being of our children who found themselves in the middle of a very difficult situation. To this day, a couple of years later, she stays interested in the well-being of the children and does not hesitate to help out if/when there is a need to resolve conflict in the aftermath of the divorce. I have also consulted Meg for other family-related matters and have always been very satisfied with the quality of her work, her fairness and her timely responsiveness.

-Pedro, a Family client

Meg helped keep my divorce proceedings amicable, even at times when there was animosity by the opposing party. As such, the case was resolved in a timely and very satisfactory manner. She was knowledgeable and if unsure, researched an item thoroughly. Always very prompt in responding to phone calls and/or e-mails. A compassionate attorney who helped me through a difficult time in my life. I couldn’t be any happier with the entire experience.

-Karen, a Divorce client

I had a big problem with my previous lawyer who was unprofessional on charges and billing. Also he dragged my case without good reason except to bill me more. I don’t have such a problem with Meg. She is professional, sharp and competent. She moved my case forward and closed it in reasonable time with a fair settlement. I have a difficult case that involved years of deception. She is sensitive, warm and supportive. She makes this difficult time of my life somehow bearable. I highly recommend her.

-Stella, a Divorce client

Four years later I had a question and Meg was right there to help me out. She gave me some great advice after doing some comp. research! I work with attorneys all the time and Meg is a great balance and easy to work with!

-Tom, a Divorce client

Meg has assisted me with several legal issues over the past 4 years and I have found her to be intelligent, thoughtful and very creative in finding solutions that really work for all concerned. I have come to rely upon her wisdom during counsel, her sense of fairness during negotiations and her guidance through the legal process. I would recommend Meg to anyone who is in need of good legal counsel.

-Cynthia, a Divorce client

Meg was an excellent partner in the collaborative law process. Our meetings were productive and she did an excellent job of looking out for my best interests. I found virtually all of her advice in this difficult process to be very helpful.

-Kevin, a Divorce client

Meg is an excellent and competent attorney! She handled my divorce and did a super job! She was very responsive to all my questions even if I asked the same question over and over again. As an added plus she has a very warm and pleasant personality! If you hire her as your attorney, you will be extremely satisfied!!

-Divorce client

Ms. Oliver is a trustworthy attorney who is very knowledgeable about family law matters. She is very accessible and kept me informed about crucial matters during my divorce. She cares about her clients and provides the best results. Therefore, I highly recommend her to handle your family law issues.

-Divorce client

Meg is a sharp yet very human lawyer who attempted to engage in a smart yet human endeavor, collaborative divorce. Unfortunately, through no fault of Meg’s, it did not work out, but tens of thousands of dollars later I would recommend both Meg and the collaborative process if it is a possibility.

-Divorce client

Meg is a very supportive, compassionate and very intelligent attorney. Come hell or high water she will give it her all.

-Divorce client