Many fans in Maryland and throughout the nation have been closely following the current family struggle between movie stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. There has been much controversy concerning the situation, including allegations of child abuse against Pitt. In a recent update, an announcement was made that the former couple has reached a temporary agreement with regard to parenting plans.

Jolie will reportedly retain custody of all six children for now. Childcare professionals have reportedly determined it in the children’s best interests to continue therapeutic visits with their father. The agreement between Jolie and Pitt is said to have been signed by both parties.

In a recent response to his estranged wife’s divorce petition, Pitt filed for joint custody of their children. The six children range in ages from eight to 15. Apparently, the current agreement is not meant to be permanent. Both sides have reportedly agreed to honor the temporary arrangement until a final custody decision is made.

In addition to making temporary parenting plans, Jolie and Pitt both signed a confidentiality contract. Pitt’s representatives say he has done his best to honor all agreements because he is most concerned with whatever is best for his children. The same spokesperson also claimed that Jolie seems to have no interest in keeping things confidential and out of the press. Jolie and Pitt are obviously not the first two parents to have difficulties resolving custody issues; many parents in Maryland are fighting similar battles and have turned to experienced attorneys for family law guidance.

Source:, ” Angelina Jolie’s Rep Says All 6 Children Will Stay in Her Custody and Continue ‘Therapeutic Visits’ With Brad Pitt“, Meredith B. Kile, Nov. 7, 2016