Maryland residents who tuned in to watch the figure skating competitions at the recent Sochi Olympics likely recall seeing commentator Johnny Weir. While the Sochi Olympics cast the former figure skater back into the public eye, his impending divorce from his husband, Victor Weir-Voronov, may keep him there.

Married in Dec. 2011, as a same-sex couple, Weir and Voronov were happy to be afforded the opportunity to marry like their same-sex friends. As with many marriages however, the relationship grew strained as Weir contends his soon-to-be ex-husband became controlling and both physically and mentally abusive.

Weir recently discussed his decision to file for divorce while he was still working in Sochi. He claims Voronov became possessive and controlling and attempted to restrict Weir’s access to close friends, family and business associates. As a result, Weir says he experienced traumatic emotional and mental abuse. He also stated that fights between he and Voronov would sometimes escalate and become physical.

One of those physical altercations recently resulted in a domestic violence charge after Voronov filed charges against Weir who he claimed bit him in a fight. While those charges were ultimately dropped, the incident appears to support Weir’s claims of marital strife and abuse.

Like many relationships and marriages, the one between Weir and his husband appears to have been unhealthy and destructive on many levels. Individuals who are currently in a relationship or marriage where domestic violence and abuse are an issue, would be wise to take steps to ensure for their safety as well as that of their children.

Women and men in abusive relationships may fear leaving, however, doing so can help free an individual from the torment, fear and anxiety they likely feel on a daily basis. Individuals in marriages in which domestic violence is present have options and may wish to speak with a divorce attorney who can help ensure for an individual’s initial physical safety and eventual freedom from an abusive marriage.

Source:, ” Johnny Weir on split: Damage from my marriage was ‘crippling‘,” Eun Kyung Kim, March, 21, 2014