Maryland parents who have gone through divorce understand how stressful the process can be. Most want what’s best for their children and are willing to cooperate and compromise to construct plans that help everyone involved move forward in positive directions while maintaining healthy, active parent/child relationships. When a severe communication breakdown occurs between parents, however, serious child custody problems often arise.

As children get used to spending time in two different homes after their parents divorce, they are often driven by one parent to be “delivered” to the other. These exchanges don’t always go so well. In fact, there have been past situations where arguments and/or assaults have occurred during the process. A sheriff’s department in a neighboring state has taken steps to upgrade safety for parents and children alike.

A new safe zone has been designated as a location where parents can meet to exchange custody. The marked spot is actually located directly behind the sheriff’s office and is equipped with 24-hour per day monitoring devices. The police chief said the department realizes child custody situations are often stressful and they hope to provide this option to help parents and children feel safer.

It just so happens that the same safe zone is also being offered as a meeting place for people who have made online purchases through sales networks such as Craigslist or eBay. All those using the safe zone are made aware they are being monitored at all times. Any Maryland parent concerned about a particular child custody situation who would like to inquire whether similar options might be available can discuss the issue with a family law attorney in the area.

Source:, “Safe zone established for child custody, internet purchase exchanges”, Feb. 18, 2017