The tables have turned for reality TV show star Jenelle Evans after having been accused of abusing drugs while pregnant on the “Teen Mom 2” show, which has many avid fans in Maryland. Her son is now the focus of a child custody battle between mother and father. The two are not married, and there are reports that the father has stated he has plans to leave the country in the near future.

Evans has requested full custody of her child. She told the court the boy’s father is incapable of providing adequate care for his son due to a severe substance abuse problem. She also said the man with whom she had a former relationship has told her himself he is mentally unstable and unfit to care for his son.

The man in question apparently has several criminal charges pending. Evans claims his home environment is not healthy or suitable for her child. She also said the boy’s father rarely exercises his visitation rights.

Such complicated issues often take some time to sort out in court. When allegations of illicit drug use or child neglect are made, authorities often step in to investigate the situation before the court makes any final decisions. In Maryland and all other states, the court does have the ultimate decision-making power regarding child custody, visitation and support issues. There are usually regulating guidelines that include several factors to be considered when determining what may be in the best interests of any children involved. Any parents with questions or concerns about such matters may seek consultation with an experienced family law attorney for guidance.

Source:, ” Custody Battle Explodes: Jenelle Evans Ordered Back To Court!“, Alexis Tereszcuk, Dec. 2, 2016