Most Maryland parents will agree that raising children is a journey that includes both joys and challenges. For those who have gone through or are going through divorce, the challenging aspects may be intensified. There are several things parents can do to prevent problems during the child custody process.

Gone are the days when the court automatically awards custody to mothers. Many single fathers have sole or partial custody of their children as well. In fact, the court is typically of the opinion that children should have plenty of quality time with both parents unless some extenuating circumstance leads the court to believe this would be a detriment to the children involved.

Parents seeking physical custody of their children can increase their chances of accomplishing their goals in several ways. Most advisers suggest enlisting the help of witnesses to attest to one’s character and ability to be a good parent. It is also important to be able to support any allegation made against the other parent. If there is no negative risk to a child, it is often best to encourage an active, healthy relationship with both parents to show the court one has the children’s best interests at heart.

Maryland parents and others may seek support through all viable means, such as  licensed counseling when needed, or by enlisting the help of a trusted family member or minister. Through skilled and experienced negotiation, many situations can be settled out of court. It is typically a good idea to seek assistance from a family law attorney, especially if aggressive litigation is necessary to resolve a particular child custody problem.

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