Although conventional wisdom holds that around half of marriages end in divorce, new studies indicate that the percentage may be lower.

The problem lies in how the percentage is calculated. Dividing the total number of divorces by total marriages in a single year may yield a result close to 50 percent. However, if data from a longer time period is used, such as marriages and divorces from a ten-year period, the divorce rate is lower. The data from a recent study also indicates that close to one-third of American men and women have married or divorced more than once.

Could family law attorneys be contributing positively to this trend? Our law firm takes a proactive approach, helping families at all stages in their relationships. In fact, our counseling may actually help couples communicate more effectively before tying the knot.

One proactive approach might be a prenuptial agreement. The decision can be very personal, but couples that can get over the fear of bringing up the topic may find a lot of common ground. Indeed, if some marital problems are the result of different expectations, a prenuptial agreement prompt discussion and possibly help avoid surprises down the road. Talking about such personal and important issues may help a couple lay a foundation for open communication in the future.

Our family law firm will not only work with you, but also help you and your spouse work with each other in planning for the future. That may protect everyone’s interests and save court time and costs in the event of future conflict.

Source: Washington Post, ” Who gets divorced in America, in 7 charts,” Ana Swanson, April 6, 2016