Actress Scarlett Johansson has formally filed for divorce from the husband from whom she’s been separated for a while now, Romain Dauriac. The two have a daughter together. She has been living with her father for many months, but depending on the outcome of the case, that might change. Maryland spouses currently negotiating parenting plans in divorce can likely relate to their situation.

Dauriac and Johansson had planned to open a gourmet popcorn shop in France but took up separate residences before ever celebrating their opening day. Dauriac’s attorney said his client was reportedly very shocked to learn that Johansson had “created a public spectacle”  by filing divorce papers. Johansson asked for the utmost privacy from those involved and the press, saying she is mindful of the fact that her daughter will be old enough to read the news someday.

Dauriac’s attorney claims it’s silly to make the issue public and then ask for privacy. The former husband said he’s tired of his life and his daughter’s having to revolve around Johansson’s filming schedule. Johansson said she is not opposed to joint custody but wants her daughter to live with her.

In the past, Maryland couples facing similar child custody disagreements have had to seek the court’s intervention to issue final rulings regarding parenting plans. A family law attorney is often able to prevent emotional outbursts in court by acting on behalf of a concerned parent. The court is typically of the opinion that children fare best when provided ample time with both parents after divorce, barring any extenuating circumstances that would deem such an arrangement a detriment to the children.

Source: The Washington Post, ” Scarlett Johansson files for divorce. Husband Romain Dauriac is ‘shocked.’“, Travis M. Andrews, March 9, 2017