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Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination is a process that focuses on reducing the impact of conflict or potential conflict on children for separating and divorcing families.   The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts defines Parent Coordination as a “hybrid legal-mental health role that combines assessment, education, case management, conflict management, dispute resolution, and at times, decision making.”

During the Parent Coordination process, our Parent Coordinator will work with high conflict parents to improve their communication skills, refocus their process of decision-making from the parents’ need to the children’s needs, implement conflict resolution strategies, and if needed, monitor compliance with the parties’ parenting plan or if they have not established a parenting plan yet, to assist them with creating one.

Our Parent Coordinator has taken training on conflict coaching, developmental stages of children, high conflict and family violence dynamics, parenting skills, problem-solving techniques and stages and effects of divorce.  She has also taken continued education courses and attended programs on these areas over the years to further enhance her child-focused approach to advocacy.  Avoiding or reducing the deep and unforgiving scars caused by high conflict divorce in children is something she is passionate about.

If you have any questions about our approach to Parent Coordination or the process, contact us today!

Parent Coordinators

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