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Creating A Prenuptial Agreement That Works

You may feel uncomfortable when planning for your wedding to be thinking about an agreement that anticipates a divorce; for some couples, however, a prenuptial agreement can provide crucial protections and help to answer any questions about marital property and property that belongs solely to your partner/spouse.

If you have questions about whether a prenuptial agreement is right for you, family law attorney Margaret Oliver can help. Her law firm has helped numerous couples throughout Howard County, Carroll County and Anne Arundel County, Maryland, decide what works best for their unique situations and to plan for the future, including estate planning.

To learn more, contact Oliver Leffler Law online or call 410-740-1180.

Is A Prenuptial Agreement Right For Me?

There is no easy answer to that question. For young couples who do not have a great deal of assets, a prenuptial agreement may not be necessary. If you are already independently wealthy and getting married again or for the first time, it may make more sense to have a lawyer assist you in negotiating one. A prenuptial agreement can protect any:

  • Real estate properties acquired before the marriage
  • Investments and business ownership stakes
  • Trust funds or future inheritances
  • Luxury items that have a monetary value

It can also address how you will share expenses during the marriage, what purchases you consider marital property, and what you do not. It can provide for children, alimony and estate planning.

If you already have children, a prenuptial agreement can ensure that they will receive assets you want them to receive. Margaret Oliver can assist you in drafting a prenuptial agreement that will stand the test of time. She will use her skills and knowledge to protect your assets while considering any future implications the agreement will have.

Contact An Attorney Who Can Help You Protect Your Assets

Even if you and your future spouse are in agreement on the need for a prenuptial agreement, an attorney can make sure you will not be harming yourself in the future. For help drafting, negotiating or reviewing prenuptial agreements, contact Margaret Oliver online or call 410-740-1180.