Although most Maryland parents who divorce hope to achieve fair and agreeable settlements, especially regarding issues involving their children, it doesn’t always turn out that way. Sometimes an agreement is reached, but as time goes on, something (or someone) changes and, before long, a parent is back in court requesting that existing parenting plans or visitation agreements in a particular situation be re-evaluated. This is what’s currently happening with Kate Hudson and her first husband.

The two were married approximately seven years before they split. In that time, they had a son, who is now age 12. When they divorced, they agreed to a shared custody arrangement.

Following their divorce, Hudson went on to marry another singer with whom she also had a son. This marriage, too, would end in divorce some seven years later. Recently, Hudson’s first husband has asked the court to re-evaluate his son’s custody situation. The newly filed documents state that both parents have agreed to allow their son to be interviewed by a court-appointed counselor to help the court determine what type of living arrangement would be best for him.

It can be quite frustrating to agree to parenting plans, move on with life, then be called back to court because the other parent has changed his or her mind for some reason. Any Maryland parent facing such challenges may seek assistance from a family law attorney, who can help protect parental rights and advocate for a child’s best interests. Every situation is different, and having someone who understands current laws and guidelines pertaining to custody on hand may be a great asset.

Source:, “Kate Hudson Heads To Court For Custody Battle With Ex-Husband“, Stephen Andrew, Feb. 28, 2017