For many Maryland residents, family comes first. Nothing can bring as much joy as marrying a life partner or welcoming a child into one’s family. There are times, however, when a family may experience challenges and spouses may choose to separate and divorce. The traditional divorce process can be emotionally and financially draining and result in others effectively making major decisions about one’s future and those of one’s children.

Making the decision to separate from a spouse is not easy and attorney Margaret H. Oliver understands the emotional and financial challenges that can result from doing so. For more than 17 years, Margaret Oliver has been helping individuals resolve issues related to divorce, child custody and spousal support through the collaborative process.

Despite what television and the movies depict, not all spouses who choose to separate and divorce despise one another. Yes, a couple may have come to the realization that they can no longer remain married, but that doesn’t mean an all-out divorce battle must ensue. Many spouses who choose to divorce continue to love and respect one another and it’s especially important to remain on good terms with an ex when minor-aged children are involved.

Margaret Oliver has helped many couples find mutually-beneficial resolutions to divorce-related matters through the collaborative divorce process. Through the collaborative process, spouses are able to come together to discuss and sort out key issues related to the division of assets, legal and physical child custody and visitation and what to do with a previously-shared home.

Not all Maryland divorce attorneys promote or handle collaborative divorces. However, Margaret H. Oliver is known by many for her success in using the collaborative process. She is committed to working with a client every step of the way to ensure his or her best interests are respected and preserved and divorce goals achieved.