Many Brad Pitt fans in Maryland and throughout the nation have been rallying behind him and keeping close tabs on news updates regarding his contentious divorce from former wife, Angelina Jolie. The two have been in and out of court, mostly fighting over child custody of their six children. Jolie has made repeated accusations of abuse against Pitt, but so far, none of the investigations have produced evidence of her claims.

Challenges related to parenting plans are not uncommon in divorce, even for those whose lives are not plastered all over the internet for the public to read about. However, it can be especially troubling for parents who have been falsely accused of substance abuse, or emotional or physical abuse of their children. There have, in fact, been many situations in the past where an angry parent makes unfounded allegations against the other in an attempt to delay proceedings, exact revenge or obtain sole custody of children.

Some believe this might be the case where Pitt and Jolie are concerned. Since Pitt was recently granted increased visitation with his children, some have suggested this indicates Jolie’s allegations lack substance. The court is the ultimate voice of authority in all parenting-related matters in divorce; thus, it is the judge who will have the final say.

Any Maryland parent who believes he or she has been wrongly accused of abuse in a child custody dispute can take immediate action to protect parental rights by discussing the matter with an experienced family law attorney. Often, aggressive litigation is needed to rectify such situations. It certainly helps when official investigations conclude without proffering any evidence of abuse, and a skilled attorney knows how to use such information to a client’s benefit in court.

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