When married parents in Maryland choose to divorce, they typically face several challenges related to child care and support. Many families include mothers who gave up careers during marriage to stay home and raise their children. When divorce occurs, these folks, in particular, are faced with problems concerning parenting plans, especially if their circumstances are forcing them to seek employment outside their homes.

A gubernatorial candidate for the democratic party in this state has come up with an idea he believes will help such parents, particularly working mothers. Currently an author, as well as an entrepreneur, Alec Ross says the government should help women stay in the workforce after divorce by supplementing their child care costs. He believes every dollar invested in child care for working mothers will more than triple itself in economic return.

Ross’s proposed plan would cost approximately $55 million to fulfill. The program would not only be aimed at lower income families, but would include provisions to help middle class families as well. Ross says his candidacy wishes to emphasize a great need to invest in the nation’s child care system, especially where single mothers who work outside their homes are concerned.

Having more money coming in to pay for child care costs would surely positively affect a single mother’s parenting plans. One can also imagine the topic would come up in child support situations; perhaps some parents would request lower payments if they know the government is helping to pay child care costs. It remains to be seen who becomes the next governor of Maryland and whether Ross’s proposal will ever be brought to fruition. In the meantime, a family law attorney can assist anyone facing parenting-related challenges during divorce or after a final decree is issued.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, ” Should Maryland loan working moms money for childcare?“, Erin Cox, July 12, 2017