Legal separation is often a good option for couples in Maryland and elsewhere who may be struggling in their marriage. Some choose this route to take when they’re not completely sure they want to divorce, or if they believe they may but want to give it one last chance by going through marital counseling during the separation phase. One legal separation which is now getting a lot of attention is that of famed music icon Mick Fleetwood.

Part of the legendary group Fleetwood Mac, the drummer recently filed for a legal separation from his wife, Lynn Frankel Fleetwood. The two have been married for over 17 years. They share 11-year-old twin daughters, and Mick Fleetwood requested that both he and his wife have joint custody of the two. He did indicate that he was open to his estranged wife having actual physical custody of their girls.

In his court filing, Mick Fleetwood specified that irreconcilable differences had precipitated the legal separation request. There were few other details as to what else may have contributed to the breakdown in the marriage. The celebrated drummer who also enjoys status as a Grammy winner does wish to retain control over his music royalties and the earnings that he brought into the marriage with him. There was not any word on whether the two might have signed a prenuptial agreement before marrying in 1995.

Maryland fans of the group Fleetwood Mac may find the announcement of Mick Fleetwood’s legal separation sad news, though those who may be facing similar issues in their own marriages may fully understand. Sometimes, marriages just do not work out and divorce becomes a necessary process. This can be true whether a couple is made up of two average individuals, or whether one is part of one of the country’s most well-known rock groups.

Source: The Washington Post, “Drummer Mick Fleetwood files for legal separation from wife of more than 17 years,” April 9, 2013