When it comes time for a couple to split, there may be many images in their heads of what divorce may actually be like. For Maryland couples who have never gone through a divorce, it can be easy to believe the process is difficult and acrimonious. However, some have found mediation to be a solution that meets the needs of both parties.

Many divorces are settled outside of a courtroom. In fact, it is estimated that up to 95 percent are worked out without the need for a judge to intervene. Because of this ability to negotiate, many couples find mediation can be the best tool for them to move forward. Mediation uses conflict resolution techniques to come to mutually beneficial agreements, as opposed to the stereotypical battles that encompass divorce in the movies.

There are several well-documented benefits to mediation over litigation of a divorce. One noted benefit is the potential for saving money, since divorcing through mediation is typically cheaper than going through litigation. The settlement is usually obtained more quickly than a divorce that is litigated in a courtroom. Litigation details are also made part of the public record. For those who want privacy and do not want the details of their divorce to be made public, mediation is a good fit.

While any kind of divorce, whether through family court or mediation, can be a time of upheaval and change, it doesn’t necessarily have to be made more difficult by being public and contentious. Through mediation and collaborative law means, couples can move on more quickly and with a better sense of satisfaction afterward. Anyone in Maryland facing divorce may benefit from knowing the options out there and what may best benefit both parties in the long run.

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