Young couples who plan to marry often cite love as the driving force behind their decision. However, when it comes to sustaining a marriage, love alone is often not enough. Life is full of ups and downs and as a married couple; both spouses must support one another while navigating these experiences. That’s not to say that spouses won’t disagree and argue. In cases where it seems a couple argues more than discusses or fails to engage with or support one another, the relationship may be past the point of saving.

Often an individual will readily admit that his or her marriage isn’t fulfilling or happy. Yet, despite this knowledge, the individual may have difficulty making the decision to leave. Even if a marriage has been broken for years, he or she may truly believe things will get better. Individuals, who are trying to decide whether to file for divorce, would be wise to answer the following questions.

Do you intentionally spend more time away from home than at home? Do you still have strong romantic feelings for your spouse? Do you like be married? Are you kind when speaking about your spouse? If the answer to one or more of these questions is “no”, an individual would be wise to take a closer and more realistic view of the state of their marriage.

Feeling apathetic towards and detached from a spouse are key indicators that the love that once fueled a marriage may have run out. In cases where a spouse would rather spend time with friends, at work or even alone; it’s important to examine why this is the case. It’s also important to be more conscious of how one talks about a spouse. Are conversations that include mention of a spouse typically negative?

Many people believe that the decision to divorce is preceded by some monumental fight or event. However, in many cases, a couple simply grows apart or never developed a relationship to the point where it could weather the bad times.

Maryland residents who have been living in unhappy and unfulfilling marriages have options. Divorce doesn’t have to be a drawn-out and contentious process. Through the  collaborative divorce process a couple can stay out of court and peaceably come to an agreement about divorce matters such as diving assets, child custody and spousal support.

Source: The Huffington Post, ” 5 Signs Your Marriage May Be Headed For Divorce,” Julie Orlow, May 5, 2014