While their actual assets may differ significantly from ours, celebrities fight many of the same divorce battles that also affect many of the rest of us. If you are a Maryland resident and like to keep up with the celebrities, then you may have already heard about the break-up and pending divorce of Katy Perry and Russell Brand. You also likely heard that Russell had no intentions on taking everything away from Katy Perry, and it looks as though he has followed through with that.

While Katy Perry and Russell Brand were married, they bought a mansion worth $6.5 million. In the couple’s divorce proceedings, Brand gave this mansion to Perry, as is evidenced by his recently signing over a deed to Perry. With a swimming pool and guesthouse, the seven-bedroom, nine-bath Mediterranean-style spread was constructed in 1925 and is on three acres of land. Their already settled divorce is set to be finalized at the end of June.

Couples often disagree during divorce proceedings on who will get what, especially when it comes to property division. It is often preferable when a couple can move forward with a divorce without major complications; however, this does not always happen and mediation or other negotiation — and even litigation — is sometimes necessary. As some Maryland residents may already know, not every couple is as amicable as Russell Brand and Katy Perry when it comes to the division of assets and property division in a divorce, though those who are able to navigate the process with open lines of communication typically reach an accord in less time and with less aggravation.

Source: NY Daily News, ” Russell Brand gives Katy Perry L.A. mansion in split ,” Gina Pace, April 3, 2012