There has been an anecdotal belief that January is a month where there is a spike in divorce filings. Recent statistics point to the jump being a reality, and there are a few reasons why Maryland couples and others tend to file for divorce at the beginning of the year. Because of this jump, January has actually been dubbed “divorce month.”

One sign that the jump is real is a recent revelation about searches on the Internet. Searches for divorce and other terms related to family law jump 50 percent from the months of December to January. One primary reason someone may start searching at this time is that they do not want to disrupt the holidays with talk of or actions toward divorce.

Another reason people may wait until January when they already know a split is in the cards may be tied to finances. By waiting until January to take legal action, the couple may avoid disrupting income tax plans, such as filing jointly. Some people also receive bonuses at work during the holiday. Waiting to file may be tied to wanting to include the bonus as marital property.

While some observers do note the trend is very real, they also say that people still tend to file when they know the time is right for them to do so. Maryland couples who are on the cusp of filing for divorce or have questions about how a divorce proceeding may affect their taxes and property acquired during the holidays may benefit from gaining an understanding of the applicable laws and local court procedures pertaining to their circumstances. Once the filing takes place at the beginning of the new year, both parties can move toward resolution.

Source:, ‘Divorce Month’: In January, ‘ex’ marks the spot, Sarah Letrent, Jan. 17, 2014