Same-sex couples are beginning to enjoy more of the same marital rights as their heterosexual counterparts. Of course, with the growing number of same-sex marriages in Maryland and across the country comes an increased need for same-sex divorce. The sad truth is that some marriages simply do not work out, even when married spouses make every effort they can to resolve their marital issues. This appears to be the situation for Jane Lynch, star of the hit television show “Glee” who is also appearing in the rendition of “Annie” currently showing on Broadway.

Lynch, 52, married her wife, Dr. Lara Embry in 2010, after the pair first met back in 2009. 44-year-old Dr. Embry has a daughter from a previous relationship. Lynch has requested that the couple’s family be granted enough privacy to get through this difficult marital split. Few other details concerning the terms of the divorce filing or whether either spouse will make a claim for alimony were released.

The couple were originally wed in Massachusetts, one of the nation’s states which recognizes same-sex marriage. An initial report did not make it clear whether that was the state in which the divorce petition was filed. Interstate divorces among same-sex spouses can be problematic, considering that some states recognize same-sex marriages from other states and some do not.

Same-sex divorce can be challenging for Maryland residents, but it is certainly not impossible. By researching their rights provided under the law, spouses can better prepare themselves for what to expect during a divorce proceeding. Issues like child custody, child support and property division can be made less stressful when individuals have a clearer picture of what is likely to occur during a time that can be emotional for all parties.

Source:, ” ‘Glee’ Star Jane Lynch And Wife Announce Divorce,” Tiffany Skalski, June 11, 2013