How can an individual know if he or she has chosen the right family law attorney to provide representation during a divorce? Our law firm’s website includes testimonials that illustrate the variety of reasons that clients might choose our law firm.

Although lawyers are trained to understand litigation, one of our favorite testimonials describes how we kept an eye on the personal side of things during their divorce. Although the other party was quite aggressive and came across as more interested in litigating than discussing settlements, our client observed that we worked to keep the process as sensible and fair as possible. The client particularly appreciated that approach because he did not want his children to be put through the emotional turmoil of a heated divorce.

Fortunately, our law firm has observed that the majority of couples desire to resolve their divorce with as little court involvement as possible. There are many ways to do this, starting with simple discussions in the presence of each party’s attorney. Mediation or collaborative law techniques might also be effective, providing slightly more structure while working to reach a resolution.

Ironically, even the processes of preparing for court disputes might encourage a contentious party to better cooperate. Litigation can involve discovery, subpoenas, depositions, court hearings and extensive written advocacy before a trial date is even set. The sheer amount of work involved in pre-trial motions and fact-finding can be an incentive. In addition, the cost of working with experts to testify regarding a child’s best interest, the results of a forensic accounting report, or other sticking points in the divorce might also encourage parties to come back to the discussion table.

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