Going through divorce in Maryland or any other state is seldom an easy process. Especially if children are involved, spouses may face tremendous challenges when attempting to develop new parenting plans. The court has the final say in all child custody matters; so, if parents disagree, they must abide by any order the court determines appropriate to their particular circumstances.

A man in a neighboring state has launched a peaceful public protest, saying he does not think he was treated fairly by the judge with regard to his personal custody arrangement. The man said he adamantly believes that, if there are no extenuating circumstances to convince the court that time with one parent or the other would pose as a detriment to children, then the law should automatically grant equal shared custody between the two. He began standing outside the courthouse, holding a sign expressing his opinions, after he learned that the court did not decide along those lines in his case.

The man said he even knows many women who were not granted shared 50/50 custody of their children in divorce. His sign says, “Children need both parents,” and he hopes to effect change within the system by staging the protest. As a father, the man said he understands that what he does now will continue to affect his own children long after he’s gone; so, he is compelled to fight for changes he believes are necessary to protect parental rights for people throughout his state.

The issue of child custody tends to evoke highly charged emotions on both sides in divorce. Laws pertaining to such issues vary by state. Any Maryland parent concerned about a particular matter may request immediate assistance from a family law attorney. Experienced representation in court is often key to a satisfactory outcome.

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