For many people, the status of their health care benefits is a priority and factors into other areas of their life, from their career choices and family choices. Health care and the fear of a lack of health care have also factor into whether or not some people in Maryland pursue a divorce. However, the enactment of the Affordable Health Care Act may take the fear of losing health care benefits out of the equation.

When it comes to divorce and health care benefits, a large number of women in particular find themselves losing health care benefits if their husband was the breadwinner who provided such benefits. Even if the husband was ordered to continue to provide health care benefits for the children involved, the wife may be left without coverage. In fact, six months after a divorce, a quarter of women who lost their health care benefits in the process were still uncovered.

With the enacting of the new health care laws, those fears may subside as former stay at home moms may be able to find affordable coverage. Also, women who had preexisting conditions no longer have to fear losing their husband’s coverage as they will now still be able to find fair coverage. With health care coverage fears falling to the wayside, according to experts who follow such trends, divorce may rise for those who put it off out of fear of loss of coverage.

Any Maryland individuals who are pursuing divorce or considering starting the divorce process may benefit from knowing the status of their health care coverage before and after the divorce. Having full and accurate knowledge of how health care coverage may be affected in divorce can also help couples navigate the process with open eyes. The latest laws and how they may apply to individuals can help couples avoid confusion or fear about their ability to get insurance or stay insured.

Source: Washington Times Communities, Divorce could be side effect of Obamacare’s healthcare reform, Myra Fleischer, Oct. 7, 2013