Any Maryland resident who has ever navigated divorce proceedings may understand how complicated and stressful the process can be. Although many people determine severance of marital ties as the most viable solution to their problems, some are completely blindsided and taken aback by the various challenges and issues that often arise during proceedings. In addition to child custody matters and other decisions regarding children, the topic of property division is typically high on the list of potentially contentious issues.

In the United States, there are currently nine equitable property distribution states where the court determines how best to divide marital assets fairly in divorce. This, however, does not necessarily mean said property will be divided 50/50. Maryland is not one of those nine states; thereby, all assets considered jointly owned in marriage will, in fact, be split equally in divorce.

This often creates factious debates between spouses, especially if questions arise regarding whether particular assets were acquired before or during marriage. Many argue about who will get what, such as the home shared while married, the family car, or luxury items, including things like art collections, jewels or boats. The court, of course, has the final say in such matters.

An experienced family law firm can be of great assistance in such situations. Since property division laws vary by state, your attorney can clarify Maryland law and advise you as to how best proceed in court to protect your rights and obtain a fair outcome as you move toward a new financial future. Beyond that, an attorney can remain on hand, should any problem arise concerning child custody, alimony, visitation or other obstacle during divorce proceedings.