Relationships, particularly those between spouses, are complex and issues both inside and outside a marriage may serve to drive a wedge between spouses. In some cases, spouses simply drift apart and lead lives that are virtually independent of one another. In other cases, spouses come to realize they no longer share the same life goals.

Life is too short to be unhappy or spend years in a marriage that lacks passion and purpose. For spouses who wish to divorce, but would prefer to avoid the costs and stresses associated with litigation, family law attorney Margaret H. Oliver can offer an alternative through the collaborative divorce process.

For nearly two decades, Margaret H. Oliver has been helping individuals peaceably achieve their divorce objectives through the collaborative divorce process. With an emphasis on finding solutions to divorce issues in a respectful manner, couples who opt for a collaborative divorce are able to discuss, negotiate and agree upon many divorce-related matters such as the division of marital assets and property, debt responsibility and child custody and support.

Divorce is a major decision that presents many life changes. It’s important, therefore, to have the advice, support and guidance of a legal professional who has a history of helping individuals through what can be a painful and difficult process. Attorney Margaret H. Oliver takes the time to get to know her clients to understand their specific circumstance and concerns.

Individuals, who choose to avoid litigation and opt for a collaborative divorce, can rely upon Attorney Oliver’s extensive knowledge as she provides advice and guidance through the collaborative process. At Margaret H. Oliver, LLC our main focus is on helping clients work through the divorce process and achieve favorable outcomes.