One of the most challenging things a person can do is to support a loved one during a time of trial. If you are concerned about how to best aid one of your loved ones who is currently going through the divorce process, know that your heart is in the right place. This knowledge should provide you comfort as you navigate the ins and outs of supporting your loved one.

It is important to understand that individuals grieve and process their feelings in different ways. Therefore, the ways in which you were able to support a loved one in the past may not serve the loved one you are seeking to support presently. It is therefore beneficial to keep an open mind and to avoid becoming overly frustrated or hurt if your loved one does not respond well to methods of support that have worked in the past.

With that said, it is helpful to understand that your loved one may need different kinds of support at different times. He or she may need someone to vent to at one moment and may need someone to distract him or her from sorrow the next minute. You can choose to offer whatever kind of support you are most comfortable with. For example, you may not feel comfortable allowing your loved one to stay with you while he or she looks for a new home, but you may be more than willing to take your loved one out when he or she needs a pick-me-up. It is both normal and healthy to have boundaries and to avoid being your loved one’s only source of comfort.

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