When it comes time to handle the details of a marital split, there are many options and avenues on the board today. One option Maryland couples are pursuing is mediation. Mediation can be a great success for families as they enter a new chapter and all parties want to go about the process as peaceably as possible.

There are several tips that can help ensure the mediation process is as smooth as possible. One main tip is to be fully prepared with the proper paperwork in hand. Having current and accurate financial documents with you for your first mediation session can help all parties outline what all is involved in the split, financially speaking. Some of the documents it may be wise to have handy include, banking info, car loans, student loans, real estate holdings and any other breakdown of valuable assets or debts.

During a mediation, it is also expected that there may be issues that arise that may not have been foreseen or questions that may crop up. It is perfectly acceptable to ask to be alone with a mediator to express wishes or to get a clearer understanding of an issue during the actual process. It is also recommended that parties involved in mediation act to keep emotions in check and act in a composed and professional manner. Allowing a mediation session to become emotional or heated can often slow or hinder the resolution process for all parties.

While there are promised outcomes as each case is as unique as the couple involved, understanding mediation basics and the necessary documents for the process can help in the resolution of a case. Maryland couples may benefit from exploring the aspects of mediation and how it can be a tool that may be best for their situation. The more that is known about mediation beforehand, the better prepared all parties can be if they choose mediation.

Source: Huffington Post, How to Prepare for Your First Mediation Session — Your Eight Steps Plan, Michelle Rozen, Oct. 17, 2013