Famous actress Halle Berry and her ex Gabriel Aubry are unable to come to mutual terms when it comes to their young daughter. As with any Maryland mother and father involved in the process of child custody arrangements, being able to provide a stable home environment should be the main concern for their 4-year-old. However that appears to be the last thing they are taking into consideration at this time. Berry currently wants to move her daughter abroad so that she can live with her fiancé there.

While Berry may personally feel that this is a good move for her child’s well-being, she is not the only deciding party involved in the situation. The move would understandably make it difficult for Aubry to have any type of joint custody of his daughter. In particular, joint physical custody seems difficult when dealing with traveling across two separate continents.

It is not known as to whether or not Berry will have full legal custody of her daughter in order to make such decisions about her future. If both parents could collaborate on joint physical custody, then arrangements would still have to be made for longer periods of time between each parent. One example would involve one parent having the child for the summer, and the other having her for the school year.

It is difficult to come to any conclusions regarding the matter at this time without knowing the full details involved. Hopefully, Aubry will be able to still be a big part of his daughter’s life. As with any Maryland child custody arrangement, the one factor that would benefit the child the most would be to seek a healthy resolution, and if the parents cannot agree, this continuing child custody dispute will have to be settled by the court in the best interests of the young girl.

Source: National Ledger, ” Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry Accused of Immature Behavior in Custody Report,” June 10, 2012