As more and more states recognize same sex marriages, they also must face issues that accompany same sex divorce. One same sex divorce is making news because it involves a settlement dispute between Glee star, Jane Lynch and her wife of three years. Maryland same sex couples seeking divorce and also seeking spousal support may want to follow how the divorce is unfolding.

The couple separated in the winter and Lynch filed for the divorce during the summer. Lynch asked for a judge to halt efforts of the court to give her spouse monetary support. In turn, her ex-wife, Lara Embry, is asking for attorney fees and spousal support from the actress.

The couple was wed in Massachusetts but the request for support was filed in Los Angeles. It is not clear exactly how much Embry earns in comparison to her actress ex-wife. It is also unclear if there was any kind of prenuptial agreement between the two when they wed in 2010.

The laws pertaining to same sex divorce and spousal support are in their infancy. However, as with any couple, the process of seeking spousal support in Maryland can be complicated and can be fluid as incomes, needs and formulas pertaining to support amounts can change over the years. Anyone seeking spousal support, whether it is during a same sex divorce or not, should be aware of the spousal support formulas and laws pertaining to how long support may be paid in comparison to how many years the marriage lasted.

Source:, Jane Lynch’s wife files for spousal support in divorce battle, No author, Aug. 26, 2013