The process of obtaining a divorce can be long and complicated for some. However, there really are no shortcuts when it comes to going through the proper legal channels to obtain a legal divorce. Maryland couples seeking to divorce may want to follow the story of a man who thought a short cut would work, even though it was clearly illegal.

The man at the heart of the case was 55-years-old and in the midst of dating a younger woman. The problem was that he was still legally married and didn’t want the girlfriend’s mother to realize that he wasn’t divorced. Instead of pursuing the proper course of a legal divorce, the man decided to forge a document proclaiming him to be single.

The man went to a public library and printed out a version of a divorce document. He then forged the name of a judge as proof of his single status. It is not clear how, but authorities were made aware of the forgery of the divorce document and the man now faces legal consequences for his actions.

While there are as many reasons people seek a divorce as there are people out there, there are set legal avenues in place. Having a clear understanding of the legal documents that are necessary and the process in general can ensure a smooth and legal transition from being married to being single again. Maryland couples should be sure to abide by the laws of the land and not rely on any tempting shortcuts or forgery to quicken any legal process.

Source:, “Man Accused of Forging Divorce Papers to Fool New Girlfriend’s Mom,” Aug. 12, 2013