Going through a divorce can be challenging enough any time of the year. However, when the holidays roll around, a divorce can cause a number of issues to crop up. For Maryland couples who are in the middle of or just on the other side of divorce, there are tips to help make the holiday season more peaceful and joyful, especially when children are involved.

When it comes to the kids, one tip is to be realistic about spending and what one party may not be able to afford compared to past years. Trying to compete when it comes to gift giving and finances are tight is simply not recommended. It is also recommended that parents respect the time kids may want to spend with one parent and not grow resentful of that time or manipulate the children involved.

Other tips pertain to traditions. A divorce and establishing two households over sharing one before can be the perfect opportunity for parents to create new traditions. The setting of brand new traditions can be a great way for parents to bond with children after divorce.

When parents recover from a divorce and subsequently move on to create new households, there may be a time of transition. That transition can be particularly tough on children and when the holidays are approaching. When Maryland parents work together to devise a plan for the upcoming holidays, the transitions can be much smoother. If there are glitches in plans or disagreements about how and where children may spend the holidays, assistance from the family court system may be beneficial.

Source: Huffington Post, 10 Tips to Enjoy the Holidays Post-Divorce, Diane L. Danois, Nov. 11, 2013