Wealthy propriety trader, Steven Schonfeld, had a child with ex-model Sidra Saucedo in 2005. For the past several years, Schonfeld and Saucedo have been engaged in an embittered child custody battle over their now 11-year-old daughter. Tensions have increased as made evident by a recent complaint the woman filed in court, claiming her former lover and a psychologist have conspired against her. Maryland parents facing contentious custody issues may relate to many details in the case.

Saucedo reportedly has children with three different men. Schonfeld has claimed his daughter should be kept away from her mother because she is unfit to parent. He has accused her of sniffing inhalants.

The child’s mother says she agreed to meet with a psychologist recommended by Schonfeld. The psychologist was to act as a neutral mediator to help these two parents work out their differences and create an agreeable parenting plan. At some point, however, the girl’s mother began to feel as though her former lover and the psychologist were conspiring against her. In fact, she said she learned the psychologist had a conflict of interest because he was already working as a therapist for the child’s father.

Saucedo says the psychologist threatened to launch formal accusations of child abuse against her if she did not follow his parenting rules. The rules reportedly specified exactly how many story books she could read to her daughter, as well as prohibited her from sleeping in the same bed with the child. Any Maryland parent experiencing similar child custody problems may seek support by contacting an experienced family law attorney for guidance.

Source: New York Post, ” Mom convinced shrink ‘conspired’ with baby daddy in custody battle“, Kathianne Boniello, Dec. 18, 2016