Well-known celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera, is going through the process of a divorce from his husband of a decade, Ryan Jurica. Maryland fans may know that Tutera stars in a wedding-centered reality show called ‘My Fair Wedding’ on WE TV. The same-sex divorce is complicated by Tutera’s fame and the fact that it spans several states. It also doesn’t help that Jurica is making troubling claims about Tutera, alleging that his husband is a sex addict who has made frequent use of prostitutes.

Tutera vehemently denies these claims by his estranged husband, maintaining that they are completely without merit. He apparently believes that Jurica is making the claims because he may hope to gain some sort of advantage in their court case. The two men are currently expecting twins to be delivered via a surrogate mother in July. Tutera has expressed the fact that he wants to obtain both physical and complete legal custody of the children.

The couple wed back in 2003 in Vermont, one of the states which allow same-sex marriage. Tutera is hoping to get their marriage severed in California; something that could be problematic considering that this state currently doesn’t even recognize same-sex marriages. Jurica, on the other hand, has filed for divorce in Connecticut. It does seem likely that this case could take a lot of time and negotiation before it actually results in a divorce.

Maryland couples who are contemplating a same-sex divorce know just how difficult it can be to go through this emotional process. Ending a marriage is never easy, and it can often be more challenging to end same-sex marriages when they cross various state lines. It can be important to research all of the laws as it pertains to same-sex divorce that spans multiple jurisdictions, especially in the case that children are involved.

Source: USA Today, ” David Tutera refutes sex addiction claims,” Ann Oldenburg, May 2, 2013