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Sensitive Assistance With Guardianships

When families or individuals had not planned properly, it may be necessary for a guardian to make decisions on behalf of a child or adult who cannot make decisions for himself or herself. A lawyer can make sure that your and your children’s interests are protected when guardianship decisions are made.

With a deep appreciation for how difficult and sensitive situations like these are, our attorneys can provide you with the guidance you need. Oliver Leffler Law has helped families in and around Howard County, Carroll County and Anne Arundel County, Maryland, resolve complicated family law issues, and we can help you through the guardianship process.

To speak with a dedicated, compassionate lawyer, contact Oliver Leffler Law, today at 410-740-1180.

When Is A Guardianship Needed?

A guardian is a person appointed by the court to assume legal responsibility for another person and/or another person’s property. Guardianship is sometimes necessary when a person is unable to make responsible decisions concerning his or her medical care and financial situation because of age, mental illness or disability.

There is no doubt that this can be a difficult process for everyone involved. Margaret Oliver can help you through the designation process, ensuring that you fulfill your duties correctly.

In many cases, a family member or friend will seek to be awarded guardianship. In other instances, an attorney could be appointed guardian. In some situations, a guardian is appointed for a child if the parents die, become incapacitated or cannot care for the child.

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Hiring an attorney can save you time and expense while ensuring that the result is in the best interest of everyone. Our attorneys have the skills and ability to handle the most complex legal matters, and she is happy to help you and your family reach resolutions together. To speak with us, contact the firm online or by calling 410-740-1180.