Just what is it that causes a divorce? There are a number of reasons that a couple may decide to go their separate ways, including — but not limited to — irreconcilable differences, one spouse cheating on the other or even just plain unhappiness. The actual reason often varies from one couple to the next. But like it or not, divorce is a fixture in our society, and there are now reports stating that it could be linked to a long life expectancy, which is something that Howard County residents may be interested to hear about.

A study was recently released by a leading university concluding that those with shorter life expectancies are less likely to get a divorce. There is actually quite a simple and logical explanation for this finding. Researchers believe it is based on the premise that the less time you have left to live, the less likely you are to rock the boat concerning existing relationships, even those that are unhappy relationships. Those near the end of their life seem more willing to tolerate a relationship that is less than ideal since the opportunity just isn’t there to change it.

The study looked only at population statistics regarding birth records, marriage certificates as well as various related court documents. There was no exact science or psychology used in these findings, though its author says that he does have some theories. One is that those with less time to live are perhaps inspired to make their marriage work in one way or another rather than file for divorce. He says there is plenty more research to be done on this particular topic, but in the meantime, the study suggests that Howard County married couples may be more satisfied with their marriage in its current state when health or other issues bring personal longevity into question.

Source: Huffington Post, ” Life Expectancy-Divorce Linked In New Study,” Natasha Burton, April 11, 2012