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Sometimes Family Law Litigation Is Necessary

While it is true that most couples would like to resolve their divorce or other family law dispute outside of court, for some, that is simply not possible.

As experienced litigators, family law attorneys Margaret Oliver and Lauren Leffler are as effective in the courtroom as they are in mediation sessions. They have represented many clients throughout Maryland’s Howard, Carroll and Anne Arundel counties who have needed the court litigation model to resolve their disputes.

To learn about how Margaret and Lauren may be able to help you, contact our Columbia-based firm, Oliver Leffler Law, today at 410-740-1180 for a consultation.

Get Skilled, Experienced Advocates On Your Side

If you and your spouse/partner are simply unable to reach a resolution through mediation or collaboration, Margaret and Lauren can make sure you get your day in court. They will guide you through the entire process, including discovery, subpoenas, depositions, court hearings and trial, to give you the best chance of a successful outcome.

Some couples need to go to court due to disputes involving:

  • Unreasonable demands during divorce settlement negotiation
  • Failure to provide documents regarding income or assets
  • One parent refusing to comply with a child custody order
  • A parent contesting the other’s ability to care for a child
  • A refusal to pay child support or alimony
  • Contestation over a will or power of attorney

At Oliver Leffler Law, you will have a strong advocate who can gather the right evidence and work with the right experts to present a compelling case. This process is costly financially and emotionally, yet at times, it is the only option. You can rest assured that with Margaret and Lauren, you will have the right lawyers representing you and helping you through this trying time.

Do Not Undertake Litigation Alone

With many years of legal experience, Margaret and Lauren know what it will take to help achieve a successful outcome. Contact our law firm, Oliver Leffler Law, either online or by calling 410-740-1180 to schedule a consultation.

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