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Creating A Separation Agreement

For some couples who are waiting to complete a divorce here in Maryland, it makes sense to draw up a legal agreement that determines each person’s obligations. If you are not married, you may need a custody agreement or a parenting plan for your children.

Oliver Leffler Law is a family law firm serving Howard County, Carroll County and Anne Arundel County that can help you determine if a separation agreement and/or a custody agreement will work for you. Founding attorney Margaret Oliver can help you negotiate an agreement with your spouse/partner that protects your rights and interests until a divorce or custody order is in place.

To schedule a consultation and learn more about separation and custody agreements, call 410-740-1180.

What Can A Separation or Custody Agreement Do?

A separation or custody agreement fixes the rights and responsibilities between two parties when they live separate and apart until they can obtain a divorce and, where the parties never married and there are children involved, an agreeement can determine the parenting schedule for each parent’s time with the children and how the children’s expenses will be shared. The agreement is a binding contract that can settle issues that are similar to a divorce, including:

Sometimes only some of the issues can be resolved through an agreement with remaining issues needing to be determined by a court. A partial agreement can clarify each spouse’s responsibilities until a divorce or custody order is final. Margaret Oliver is also an experienced mediator, and she can help you and your spouse if you wish to negotiate an agreement amicably utilizing her skills as a mediator.

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Margaret Oliver understands how stressful the divorce process is and how separation and custody agreements can take some stress out of your life. To arrange a consultation, contact her online or call 410-740-1180. Credit cards accepted.