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For individuals and families interested in solving their issues without the added stress of litigation, the mediation process may be an option. Mediation allows individuals and families to work out their disputes in private with the help of a neutral facilitator.

As experienced mediators, our family law and probate attorneys can answer any questions you have and help you determine if mediation is the right choice for you. Our attorneys can assist you either as your attorneys, providing you with legal advice through the mediation process, or as mediators, working to facilitate a resolution. With years of legal experience, our team have helped countless families in Howard, Carroll, Anne Arundel, and Montgomery counties in Maryland and beyond reach settlements through mediation.

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The Benefits Of Mediation For Divorcing Couples

During the mediation process, you and your partner/spouse will sit down with your mediator, who will help you find areas of agreement and keep you working toward solutions for areas of disagreement, whether it is child custodyalimony or property division. Most couples who choose mediation to resolve their issues find that it is beneficial because of the following reasons:

  • It is an affordable and efficient option for divorce.
  • You and your spouse/partner can work out your issues in private.
  • You and your spouse/partner can remain in control of the process.

Studies show that both spouses are much more likely to honor mediated settlement agreements and modify them when necessary without conflict, reducing the possibility of future disputes. Additionally, by working together now, it can help you to work together in the future – a tremendous benefit if you have children. Courts order couples into mediation in nearly all cases.

The Benefits of Mediation for Probate Disputes

During the mediation process in probate disputes, the involved parties – often family members or beneficiaries – sit down with a mediator. This neutral facilitator aids in identifying common grounds and assists in navigating through disagreements, whether they involve asset distribution, will interpretation, or other estate-related conflicts. The benefits of choosing mediation for resolving probate disputes are significant, as outlined below:

  • Cost-Effective and Time-Saving: Mediation is generally more affordable and quicker than going to court. It reduces legal fees and minimizes the time spent in resolving disputes.

  • Confidential and Private: Unlike court proceedings, which are public, mediation allows parties to discuss and resolve their issues in a private setting. This aspect is particularly beneficial in maintaining family privacy.

  • Control Over the Outcome: In mediation, all parties have a say in the final agreement, unlike in a court decision where a judge has the final say. This control often leads to more satisfactory outcomes for all involved.

  • Preservation of Relationships: Mediation fosters a collaborative environment, which can be crucial in maintaining family relationships, especially when dealing with sensitive issues related to a loved one’s estate.

  • Flexibility and Creativity in Solutions: Mediators can help parties think creatively about solutions, offering more personalized and flexible outcomes than those typically available through the court system.

Studies indicate that agreements reached through mediation are more likely to be adhered to and adapted amicably over time, reducing the likelihood of future conflicts. Furthermore, if families learn to resolve disputes through mediation during the probate process, they are better equipped to handle any future disagreements constructively. Many courts increasingly recognize the effectiveness of mediation and may recommend or require it in probate disputes.


Do Not Go Through Mediation Alone – Contact Oliver Leffler Law

Even if you are working with another mediator, it is important to contact a lawyer to make sure you do not agree to a settlement that will harm you now or in the future. Contact us at Oliver Leffler Law online or call 410-740-1180 to schedule a consultation.


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