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Help With Property Division In Maryland

Dividing property in a separation or divorce can be very challenging. There are always assets that each spouse feels he or she should receive. For divorcing couples in Howard County, Carroll County and Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Oliver Leffler Law can provide the answers they need.

Attorney Margaret Oliver uses her 20 years of legal experience to protect the rights of clients who face complex and highly emotional property division disputes involving assets like:

  • Real estate, including the marital home
  • Savings, pension benefits and retirement accounts
  • Luxury goods such as cars, art, electronics or jewelry

Protecting Your Assets And Helping You Move On With Your Life

Here in Maryland, the “equitable distribution” statute governs property division, meaning that if the spouses can’t agree on the distribution of assets, the court will divide the marital estate in an “equitable” fashion.

This does not necessarily mean each spouse will receive 50 percent of the marital assets, although that is a likely outcome. The court will determine what assets are marital (they were acquired duirng the marriage excluding inheritance or gifts from third parties), determine the value of those assets, and then after considering the following factors, divide the property:

  • The monetary and non-monetary contributions of each party to the marital estate
  • The value of all assets
  • The economic circumstances of each party
  • Reasons for the end of the marriage
  • The length of the marriage

Usually, this will require intensive financial research into who purchased what, who contributed what, and how to value whatever was acquired during the marriage. An experienced litigator, Margaret Oliver can help you negotiate a plan that protects your interests now and in the future. Whether in court or through mediation, Margaret can help you craft a settlement that meets your needs.

Schedule A Consultation And Learn More About Property Division

If you are facing a divorce, child custody issue, want to add to your family through adoption or want to protect your property, Oliver Leffler Law is a firm that you can turn to for compassionate support and effective legal representation. Contact the firm online or by calling 410-740-1180.