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Understanding Collaborative Divorce In Maryland

The Collaborative Law process is a respectful option for reaching resolutions outside court with the support of a team of professionals, including financial, mental health and child specialist professionals. Collaborative practice is particularly suited to assisting children in separation and divorce and providing guidance in complex financial and marital property issues.

In Howard County, Carroll County and Anne Arundel County, Maryland, there is no better lawyer to help you through this collaborative process than Margaret Oliver. Recognized as an authority on the subject, and one of the past presidents of Howard County Collaborative Professionals, Inc., she is one of the best-qualified attorneys in the region to help you solve your family law dispute while protecting your interests.

Margaret’s associate, Lauren N. Leffler, was recently trained in Collaborative Law and is skilled in assisting families going through the Collaborative Process.

Learn about the difference between Collaborative Law and divorce mediation.

Work With One Of Maryland’s Top Collaborative Divorce Attorneys

The collaborative model of divorce began in 1990 to help couples going through separation or divorce. Both parties hire attorneys, like Margaret Oliver, who are trained in collaborative practice.

Using the collaborative process provides couples with numerous benefits, including:

  • Saving the time and money that it usually takes to take a case to litigation
  • Offering a team of mental health professionals, child specialists and financial specialists to assist the couple in generating options for positive resolutions

  • Providing a resource for the couple as things change in the future and they need to modify their agreement
  • Fostering open, transparent cooperation and giving couples an opportunity to work together in good faith toward reaching a resolution

In the collaborative process for separation or divorce, the parties meet with various team members and, if necessary, with the entire team to review information, discuss the issues, generate options for settlement and reach a settlement on all issues that look to the future. The agreement is then prepared by the attorneys and submitted to the court for an uncontested hearing without the nastiness of litigation.

For couples who successfully go through this, they will likely find that they can work together better in the future. This is essential if the couple has children. Of course, if you are unable to reach a resolution through the collaborative process, Margaret Oliver and Lauren Leffler can protect your rights in divorce litigation.

To learn more about collaborative divorce, contact Oliver Leffler Law today at 410-740-1180.