The act of getting divorce entails much more than simply leaving a spouse and leading a life on one’s own. There may be unique challenges and changes that come about for a Maryland couple seeking divorce. From finances to seeking out the best resources, the changes and the process can necessitate the assistance from various experts.

One area of change a couple may not realize will be so dramatic until it unfolds relates to household finances. When one household suddenly needs to expand into two, there may be two sets of bills and payments that need to be made. This change will ultimately affect both parties. The issue of taxes can affect parties if they choose to divorce at the beginning of this New Year.

Other areas of change and concern can relate to once mundane expenses that now might need to be shared. An example given in a recent article relates to haircuts for kids. These expenses may not have posed an issue before a divorce, but can now be a point of contention for parents sharing custody. One tip given is to make a detailed list of all of these expenses so as to make it easier for both parties to decide how to handle these expenses as they arise.

Certain aspects of any Maryland divorce may require compromise and the ability to work together enough to reach a fair settlement. However, if there are sticking points related to money or unexpected financial changes, it may be necessary to consider litigating important differences. While no two divorces are alike, the changes that may lie ahead for both parties may be easier to navigate when both feel more prepared and have all of the information they need.

Source:, 5 Nuances of Divorce You Need to Know, Kerri Zane, Dec. 26, 2013