Should the house be sold? Who gets the car? Where will the children spend summer vacations? These are but a few of many questions commonly addressed by Maryland couples who divorce. While each spouse may have definite opinions regarding such issues, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are like-minded in their views.

Especially where property division is concerned, things can get pretty messy. Avoiding emotionally charged debates is often easier if a clear understanding of property division laws and legal proceedings is obtained before going to court. This state happens to be part of the majority where such matters are governed by equitable distribution laws.

Unlike nine states in the nation that automatically divide all marital property equally in divorce, Maryland and most other states rely on the court to determine who gets what and what type of division is considered fair. If a prenuptial agreement exists, it can be a real game-changer with regard to property division, particularly if certain wealth or property has been pre-assigned to one spouse only. Margaret H. Oliver, LLC has 17 years of experience helping Maryland residents protect their rights and seek just solutions to all disputes regarding marital property, taxes, pension benefits and other aspects of divorce.

An experienced attorney can also help craft a settlement plan in  divorce that meets a particular person’s future needs and goals. Moving toward a financially stable and successful future is a paramount concern in many divorces. If you’d like to discuss a particular situation, you may contact our office to request a consultation.